I Need to Be Strong
I Need to Be Strong
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I want to go to travel


I want to go to travel barcode label, even if it is only a very short trip, do not consider yourself what to do, when to have commanded yourself to do anything. A short journey, we can also feel a lot of things, just is to see whether they have the idea. May what money all have no, just hot heads, but even if it's just going out, leave the city, to see the beautiful scenery of the other cities, do not need too long time, as long as we have been to, feel, believe that knowledge naturally is more also.

Don't be afraid to do his error is wrong, if did not dare to try, the understanding of the nature will be a lot less, the opportunity to try. We don't need to have too much fear, because has not happened we who also don't know, too many worries, will only make yourself causing interference. You will because his confused thoughts and choose the wrong way, to finally had to crustily skin of head to dry.

Inner desire, far more than your desire for material. Those who value the interests of the people, I think you really happy? I want to have a relatively easy to achieve the dream, need not consider too many interests to enjoy, let oneself have a belong to his way of life, don't be a puppet, I think that I will live more easy and simple.

Happiness is to rely on themselves to strive for, rather than you use someone else mask house, or to hurt someone as it is impractical to meet their desire. I used to be a hear and see a little thing can laugh, but now I know the secret of the too much, for fear of the secret others know, including other people and their own secret, so I have to allow yourself to silent, otherwise secrets leaked out, relationship is broken. I think this is probably the reason I always choose silence, actually this kind of feeling is very bad.

Someone is willing to communicate with myself, why refuse to other people's enthusiasm. Just in my heart must think, those who fill in the heart cannot tell the secret, might in I just want to talk at the same time, people have known me hide secret in the heart.

In fact I really mind what others said to me, because in my plans to open at the same time, may be someone else's secret will be know. And these secrets are also inadvertently know, so I think if he will be their secret said was a bit is not reasonable.

Sometimes is also a kind of wulitou, one thing to have good results, but don't want to mess up.

If one day you because I said a few words wrong and hate me, so I think how good, even when you are with me, we will become a stranger. In fact, I was afraid of this mask house, but there are some things now that it has happened, there is no need to fret, because maybe you are upset, others just the opposite with you.

How I want to do a simple people, don't want to hurt others, also don't want to play with each other. But... Desire is always too good.

I don't want to hurt a even see yourself happy, you see a person, is their own self-cultivation is not enough, so I won't because these people and to be the same with them. Are not the words the same way, and seen things, understanding of truth is also different mask house .

If you have a good dream, do not break down the belief, why afraid of others bound for your feet, don't let your actions. Time to say goodbye, it won't let you leave me. A hug and a turn around, you can choose to turn back, can also choose to leave, but the memories remain.