I Need to Be Strong
I Need to Be Strong
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the eye and think about you know?


Seen your eyes better stars will linger in my mind , also don't know how to describe that feeling, you know, those are because, as the surge of for a long time to fill the heart, every word of every sentence here is miss, miss you, really want to.

Who knows your heart, there will also be thinking of you laser facial, know who is in miss, through such a night, has still have all the flowers gone, the song of the birds also went to sleep, please listen to what you said, your smile wind gently wipe in the ear, you look in the eyes sparkle.

When one day, the moonlight gently lean on your shoulder and turned to what you will say, or what all needless to say, just need to just sit quietly, just sit in the evening, just sit in the glebe's old, that same day always met once in a lifetime, can believe, when you are here today.

Show will not be able to say words, just because the one you read, here can and who said those words, can say with who in the miss you, when close my eyes and pretend to gently on your back, only to have that a head of hair your heart, if is the same heart, will also meet in a dream, if it is not the same intention, will hide in the dream.

When when thinking of you, listening to music over and over again, when you can't imagine why, so want to ask myself why, always answer I don't know. When you see come over to have a tender feeling like that, instead of avoiding the eye and think about you know?

Needless to say, to give up everything, needless to say what promise Office Decoration, as long as can let you know the in the mind have the endless miss, on looking at the first smile you see every day. Needless to say what, also there is no end, let all let nature take its course, the total come to come, not to will not happen, only believe that the sense that what is called, there will always be a once in a lifetime.

Want to let go, let go, can always your hands out of your control, tonight I want to read tomorrow, as each miss mind takes up all day, how far is forgotten, and how close is met, gently teeth to swallow all the nonsense, that is what things, what you touch is broken.

What was called thoughts, what is called miss, that one is the original don't have to come to you is wrong, wrong in a can't help it, wrong in a reluctant, say those who will be the past, we can say those who don't want to, can say that didn't happen, but how could you deceive yourself, that the original called does not exist, itself is not a reasonable explanation, who relieve the inextricably knot.

When thinking of you know don't want to say, when thinking of you still would like to, like sitting opposite, a bright smile that always erase the eyes of infinite melancholy, and then start a kind of endless remorse, how could , how would it be possible to have the same miss. As the two different two lost his way in the world, in a word, it is because has told you miss you again, and who may never find for a long time, miss is that the word is multiple, pressure in the heart out of breath.

Don't leave you, as long as never near, and those who say it believe, that this is can't catch to touch, feel can leave how long HK dentist, in the heart in miss you, full of mind is missed, only make feel a pain, who would know, that every miss days.