I Need to Be Strong
I Need to Be Strong
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one hundred book rotten.


Recently many friends let me recommend some books for you, actually I'm a beginner, I also is occasionally go through data every day. There is no perfect time to see some professional books, of course I have been in, also break your own thinking, so a lot of knowledge is also available. Reading books is not to say that I recommend, you will be able to complete. Here, some Suggestions about reading, hope everybody can better after 90.

You can see the development of the Internet speed, but can't see the books of knowledge development speed. We study at the university of knowledge, are out of date, because such knowledge you hard to really use in society. If a year graduation into work without learning, then 80% of the knowledge is out of date. Three years without reading basic derailment. Fashion is not a fashionable appearance, and is internal, because the later, read, the more the more accumulation of self-restraint. So a lot of people insist on writing, reading, and finally to constantly keep up with the pace of the society.

You want me to recommend reading books, because they think my knowledge more, think I have read the book is suitable for you. In fact is not the case, there are too many books but not many books, so you want to book with me, is actually a choice. Many modern books, not sell books he really good Miniso, because his good Fried. Such as recently very fire derivative book about how to do. But relatively speaking, why so many people to study classics, because the book contains no words but a feeling. Suffice it to say that a good book on a book can change your arrival of the one hundred book rotten.

Before long, I said, let everybody watch less success. Success is the premise of that change your heart, you got the precipitation. Like Chen anzhi ever teacher's success, are you sure you understand? See to understand you do? Now, 90 after 20 years old and you, or those who can see more thinking himself involved in books. Grasp some knowledge by their peers, and even reading doesn't have to be put into's book.

I want to ask you a question: why don't you like to see physical book? Of course, now I many readers are sources of each big web site platform. But I still recommend or entity more reading, a book is a few bucks! I don't know why you this all loathe to give up, we often read some books on the Internet, at best, a novel much more special. And garbage knowledge also much more special, I say we really could not read, because they go online to read all these is why study "the elephant into the fridge" law Miniso, hoping to learn knowledge. Little imagine, knowledge is slowly settling down to study.

So in the way of the so-called professional books, believe that many friends should go to university, then at the university of specialized courses. This is your professional books, in the general enterprises are mastering many skills while specializing in Monday. In the same way, professional books can improve their professionalism. You can see psychologists are professional psychology, economists and economics and so on. If you learn together, so you work in a more professional in the society of the competitiveness of the easier it is to surviveMiniso.