I Need to Be Strong

I Need to Be Strong
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few words every day


Flying is your hair, and the casual feelings, not the end, also is not the beginning, always wanted to just keep everything in live time of examination, and you from my footsteps, from him into the text. Walking is also tired, want the mood also is heavy, you gently open the words, wrote, wipes them away and wiped out the note on again, want to get out of the way that endless thoughts, licentious topic, but still in addiction, because here you put down the mask wifi.

Covered her eyes, you are also smelled a smell of heart through the flowers, let struggle again and again and again and again, and when the time proved all gradually, how would you choice. Actually very understand, and clearly, just not to admit that don't want to make sure that the boundless emotion from where, always give yourself one fictional future, the reality of every day and no coherent, your heart do it yourself, gave up his life. Maybe you didn't speak to reality in a word, you write and read out voice, as if to another, you are saying have been talking, but you also don't say a few words every day, isn't it server rack.

Blank is still a piece of the truth, reset does not mean forget, lay a mark in my heart will never be lost, as the number when think of can directly dial out. Because you are in place, has always been in, just you still don't understand, still do not understand, what a sorrow bosom not sadness, pain is not pain can't forget. Let it be, there is no cover, don't have to wash the memory, life today don't drift, because there are you good with his good, life can be better. So it is not, you are still you, with independent thinking and life, not also is not, he was still he and independent individuals. When you touch the warm hand completely, may decide to stop to let go of all thoughts, all the other side of the warmth.

That a bow of attraction, because what you panic disorder, ask oneself also no answer. For won't go to think, think, do not have to do, see and not see, also hope that don't have to see, this is good. Because I don't know what to say, because did not dare to look up, but you also know that missing one but in my heart taken root, it will sprout, may grow into a big tree, can also in not long leaves before the break. Depending on it is planted in the basin in the bottle, or at the foot of the solid earth, after you think it is planted in there to see it again, because don't want to see their own well, blocking the distant road, because live too reality, not the empty dream, because in fact you have been dispossessedalexander hera pre wedding.

White cloud floating in the distance, thinking of you I fall in love like a broken line kite was flying high good far, do you stand on the lawn is and, becoming suddenly smiled, hand cut the line, what else can it be. Your pain no one will know, your pale, won't make people notice, so far, high, looking at, you are still beautiful! Light gently thinking about reading, as you tender, and the other in my heart everything is in good condition.