I Need to Be Strong

I Need to Be Strong
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been to white-crested!


Admire the past parents from beginning to end that s feelings, no flowers chase more sweet romance, there is a family to live a life that occupy the home is responsible for fixation, especially the warm warm love for their children. Which like today's the sun happiness of marriage is today a sensation, but tomorrow don't know how to the room and change the men's and women's master. Together, what I will love you a, meet with real bright will become crumbling, fragmented office furniture.

Remember, a long time ago, I have written my house in front of the the old couple to each other with mixed, legs and feet are not so skillful, can from beginning to end in all weathers hand every day for a walk. Now let me think of a warm fill my nerve, let me feel the real happiness is not in the deep of heart and flowers as a young but in that moment the old die-hard accompany, I see what love foroffice furniture.

Between the advent of feeling for what? Straight people as strong as death! Is this realm. Let them rain or shine, old photograph made with company has been to white-crested!

Their behavior, do the best interpretation for true love, is also done for what love is the best answer.

Life is very happy very perceptual living, just because the world is big, but very to meet. Because of curiosity; And sentimental. Because of the obsession with; And lost. Because of persistent and lost...

So, I think the so-called love, is the man you face, his mood and your emotions, in the same frequencyADHD Treatment.

Exactly what love for?

At this point, I just want to write down, life is noisy journey faraway, you believe that there is always a road. Staff will come spring, flowers numerous, believe there is always a flower for you keep. Well, a friend in need is a friend indeed!

Don't want to live too tired, in the critical moment, old decided again...

Kiss, just to live for today, I still wash your sleep.