I Need to Be Strong

I Need to Be Strong
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I might care

 Each and every one of us have something in our life that seems very important to us, but is actually petty to everyone else. We usually term it an OCD or just something we are ‘really anal about’, but that doesn’t change the pettiness of it. One such example of this comes from my job. We clean dirty pet carriers at the end of each day, and set them gate-down to dry.

When I set them to dry, I must organize them by size, and preferably by style, or in a pattern. It really bothers me when other people don’t organize them that way, but I admit that it is a petty thing, so I don’t say anything.

My biggest reason for not saying anything, is because I know others will think they are petty, and there is no real reason they should care. Personally, I have a really big problem when people expect me to care about petty things (that are important to them).

 I don’t care. Sure, you can get me to care (maybe) but you have to sell your point like you are losing money and you are losing money fast. You need to make me understand why its important to you, and then I might care.