I Need to Be Strong

I Need to Be Strong
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I have some resolutions

  I have some resolutions, and they are as follows:

Most importantly, get closer to God. As I have been, I have been filled with His Peace that I cannot even describe to you. I want more of it! I want to know what He has for me, what He wants me to do for Him Otterbox phone case.

Keep losing weight. In July of 2012 I was at my heaviest at 5'4" with a 166 pound body. I had tried everything, even nearly completed INSANITY but wasn't losing weight. I'd even changed my eating habits and ditched the cokes. Finally, I decided to try cutting back for the umpteenth time, and this time it worked! I've managed to melt 24 pounds off my body with portion control alone. No excercise was involved; however, it is fixing to play a factor in it. I've ordered the 90 day workout program called Turbofire. It looks amazing, and super fun! I plan to keep doing portion control while doing this workout and see how much more I can lose. Once I've gotten the hang of Turbofire, I will go back to INSANITY. I'm determined Claire Hsu!

Clean out my closets and get my room perfectly clean. This is long past due! I have the notion to just grab everything in my closet, stick it in plastic bags and get rid of it without looking back. I'm so tired of looking at stuff I haven't used or worn in so long. I want to give them to people who need them or who want them protective case.