I Need to Be Strong

I Need to Be Strong
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The Pain

 I'm bringing the latest on this beautiful day!

First, if they made a bottle of medicine called When You Get Mowed Down By A Semi, I would pop a couple phone cases.

My legs are SO sore. I can't even sit down slowly, unless I hold myself up with my arms as I ease down into the chair. The only parts of my body that are not sore are my head, neck, and feet. Lol.

It is mainly in my legs, butt, and sides. Guess that means Turbofire is working. :D Yay!

Yesterday was my day to rest from the program. Now I have to get back to it tonight until next Wednesday.

Second, here is the encouraging word for the day embroidery digitizing!

Philippians 4:13 -"I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me."

This verse may be overstated by many, but it couldn't be more true nu skin 香港.

Time after time I've witnessed this verse's truthfulness and validity.

Whatever you are longing to do and no matter what you are desiring to acheive, nothing is too great for God nu skin