I Need to Be Strong

I Need to Be Strong
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 As much as I would love to stay home in the long run it would just be a lot harder. The position I have (I teach only US History) is a coveted position, there are only two of them in the whole school and if I don't ever get into the library I would want to teach this the rest of my career, it is what I always wanted to teach.  I love the subject and the age-group (11th grade)  The problem is if I were to take a few years off another person could get my classes and they would probably want to stay there for the rest of their career...get my drift?  So in order to avoid having to start at the bottom (teaching ninth graders, which I would rather not ever do again) I am just going to keep teaching.  Now, before you think I'm extremely selfish the other reasons that I'm even considering this is twofoldhome storage:

1: Teaching is probably the best profession to have children and still work since we get so much time off. 2: My sister-in-law stays home and will be watching the baby (she lives about a mile down the road).  If I had to put my child in a daycare with people I didn't know and morals/rules I didn't agree with, I would completely rethink this decision, but my sister-in-law is basically the next best thing to me staying homepublic relationship.

So...there ya have it. I'm about to go hop on the treadmill and walk until I can't walk any longer... I'm trying to slow down the pregnancy weight gain.  The bad thing about not having morning sickness (no, I'm not complaining - just stating a fact) is that I have never lost my appetite so I've gained a lot of weight alreadydrop sheet.